2006-2011: Moholy-Nagy University of Art, Department of Visual Communication, specialization in photography

2007-2012: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Visual and Environmental Education Teacher

2003-2005: Decorator and Bookshop School, Budapest

2000-2002: EVENTUS, Applied Graphics, Eger


2014 Budapest, Balkon Contemporary Art Journal, INSIDER Award

2008 Germany, Cologne, Epson Art Photo Award ’07 – winner, member of ‘best class’ (Jury: Andreas Gursky and Thomas Weski)

2007 Budapest, István Illés at the @RC video contest, the smoke-heart movie won the prize for the most valuable social message category.

Publications, articles, books:

2017 Kubik gallery,

2013 Photo Art Magazine 2013/3, Random Criticism

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2011 / No.2, Photo Art Magazine

2008 /2. 2008/2. number, Photography Magazine


2013 RANDOM (In the beginning of 2013 we created the RANDOM photographic association with Szilvia Mucsy and Szami)

2012 FKSE (Studio of Young Artists Association)

2010 FFS (Youth Photography Studio)


2018 Budapest, Artmarket

2018 Budapest, Budapest Photo Festival, Szatyor artspace

2017 Budapest, BUDAPEST PHOTO FESTIVAL, Várkert Bazaar, Contemporary Hungarian Portrait Photography

2017 Greece, Photometria International Photography Festival

2017 Budapest, BUDAPEST PHOTO FESTIVAL, Art base, Scratch! Exhibition of the Random Group. Exhibition of The Random-Group.

2017 Budapest, BUDAPEST PHOTO FESTIVAL, Kubik Gallery, Here We Are!

2017 Budapest,

2016 Budapest, Artmarket

2016 Budapest, Random Gallery, Male, female, neutral

2015 Budapest, Inda Gallery, auction exhibition for the estate of Balázs Telek.

2015 Budapest, Art Market

2014 Budapest, Kolta Gallery, Random 14! Group exhibition

2014 Germany, Greifswald, Random – Subjective history, traveling exhibition

2014 Budapest, Budapest Gallery, Insider Express, Balkon Magazine Award

2014 Budapest, FKSE’s Annual Tradition Exhibition Series: Random Gallery, Értékcash, Lázár Alexandra Emese

2014 Budapest, TOBE Gallery, Landscape

2014 Budapest, Random Gallery, Open Up!

2014 Budapest, Casati Gallery, unseen, group FFS exhibition

2013 Athens, Long Room Gallery

2013 Budapest, Hotel Casati, FFS Sommer Collection

2013 Budapest, B29 Gallery, group exhibition

2013 Budapest, Design Terminal, The Random Association, Subjective History

2013 Budapest, FKSE Studio Gallery, 28/31, the debut exhibition of the new FKSE members

2012 Budapest, FISE Gallery, Fictitious Stories, joint exhibition of FISE and FFS

2012 Budapest, Millenáris Park, Artmarket

2012 Kecskemét, Hungarian Museum of Photography.

2012 Budapest, Mai Manó House, RANDOM – joint exhibition of the MFSZ and the FFS

2012 Budapest, Artball, Stage 4 of Personality Square, Exhibition of the Visionary Exhibition organized by the FFS, Lili Zoé of Érmezei. Personal Space, by Lili Zoi in Érmezei.

2011 Budapest, Night of Museums, Standing Show at the Mai Manó House, Budapest, Ponton Gallery, Diploma Exhibition

2011 Budapest, Art base, Attention! the new FFS members will be exhibited

2009 Budapest, Ferenczi and Szénássy Auction House and Gallery, MOME group exhibition

2009 Budapest, Millenáris Park, MOMEmaraton

2008 Budapest, CD-FŰ Cultural Quarter, Foreign exhibition in the landscape

2008 Budapest, Tűzraktér, Art Against Discrimination, Second Floor

2008 Cologne, Art Cologne, Epson art photo awards

2008 Szentendre, Art Mill, Art Expo, international biennial of young artists

2007 Budapest, @RC video contest, Smoke heart movie

2007 Budapest, group photo exhibition at the Gödör club at the Glob-fest event

2005 Budapest, @RC poster exhibition ground layer